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Buy a photo to keep families together.

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Where the Land Remains - Mauricio Palos

Where the Land Remains - Mauricio Palos


Gulfport, Mississippi. September 1, 2015

Most of Gulfport was flooded and destroyed in one day after Hurricane Katrina hit in August 29, 2005. The U.S government released funds to clean the area, private contractors were assigned and they sub contracted many immigrants to clean this beach and most of the city, but some of them never got paid, local activists tracked contractors down and force them to paid approximately 2 millions dollars in wages.

Mauricio Palos is a Mexican documentarian who works in North and South America. His work explores a variety of issues through historical memory linked to political crises and land conflicts. His first book My Perro Rano, Chronicles of Central America (2010) explores the causes that drives millions of Central American immigrants looking for a better life, embarking on one of the most dangerous journeys that takes place in the Americas. Published with support of the Ford Foundation and the National Fund for Arts and Culture in Mexico, it was chosen as one of the best photo books of 2011 by the British Journal of Photography.

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