Buy a photo to keep families together.
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Buy a photo to keep families together.

Photos are $45 each, printed as 8x10 or 8x8 on matte finish. Click each thumbnail to read more about the images & the photographers who made them. All purchases benefit Al Otro LadoAlerta Migratoria NC.

Cilantro - Alejandra Rajal

Cilantro - Alejandra Rajal


Cholula, Puebla, May 2017.

A girl harvests cilantro. Mexico is well known for its vast agriculture due to very fertile land. However, the lack of economic growth causes many agricultural workers to migrate to the U.S, a lot of times to work on the same job but with better wages. Most of the families living in this region of Puebla have family members living in the US or have lived there before.

Alejandra Rajal is a Mexican documentary photographer. Her vision focuses on creating awareness of different realities through photographs, aiming to affect social conscience with empathy and sensitivity to others. 

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