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Entre Guatemala y México - Victor Peña

Entre Guatemala y México - Victor Peña


Rio Suchiate. May 31, 2017

A group of migrantes (seven men, one woman) illegally cross the border between Guatemala and México over the Suchiate River. This river marks the beginning of a nightmare for undocumented migrants traveling through México in search of the American dream. Many of them flee violence and seek refuge in México or the United States. El Salvador is ranked first for asylum petitions in the U.S., according to a 2016 study by the United Nations Refugee Agency. This almost doubled from 18,900 in 2015 to 33,600 in 2016. The study revealed that asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle the highest levels of violence since the 1980s. In 2016, the U.S. received asylum claims from 25,700 Guatemalans and 19,500 Hondurans. The study was published on June 20, 2018 to commemorate World Refugee Day.

Un grupo de migrantes  (siete hombres y una niña) cruza de forma ilegal la frontera entre Guatemala y México, en la zona de El Carmen y Talismán sobre las aguas del río Suchiate. Este río es el inicio de la pesadilla de los indocumentados que atraviesan México en busca del sueño americano. Muchos de los migrantes huyen de la violencia y buscan refugio en México o Estados Unidos. El Salvador ocupa el primer lugar de solicitantes de asilo a Estados unidos, según el informe de Tendencias Globales de Desplazamiento Forzado en 2016, divulgado este 20 de junio por la Agencia de la ONU para los Refugiados (ACNUR). Los datos de ACNUR revelan que las solicitudes de salvadoreños a la nación norteamericana casi se duplicaron al pasar de 18,900 (en 2015)  a 33,600 (en 2016).  El documento revela que en el Triángulo Norte las personas que huyeron de la violencia alcanzaron “niveles no observados desde la década de 1980”. De personas de origen guatemalteco, EUA ha recibido 25,700 solicitudes de asilo y de Honduras, 19,500. El informe ha sido publicado este 20 de junio en que se conmemora “El Día Mundial de los Refugiados”.

Víctor Peña (El Salvador, 1983) is a photojournalist with 12 years of experience, and began his professional career in 2007 at La Prensa Gráfica, one of the two most printed and distributed papers in El Salvador. In addition to his extensive work on social violence caused by gangs in El Salvador; Víctor exposes extrajudicial executions committed by police officers and the army; inequality in the justice system and problems of the most remote rural areas in the country. He has showed a series of problems that occur daily in his country, considered one of the most homicidal in the world. In January 2016 he moved to El Faro, the first digital newspaper established in Latin America, founded in 1998. That same year he was part of El Faro’s team that won the “Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Excellence Prize”, a prestigious prize for journalism in Latin America and Spain. He contributes to coverage addressing politics, transparency, inequality, impunity and historical cases from El Salvador’s War, violence, normalization of violence in daily life, organized crime, gangs, culture and society and migration. Instagram: @victorpena84

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